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This is funny:

Orla Kiely, the Irish designer known for her quirky, signature, retro stem prints, still gets excited when she sees someone wearing her brand. “It is nice that people like it enough to buy it,” she says, sipping black coffee at her London store in Covent Garden, the first one to open in Europe in 2005.

One thing she won’t ever do now, however, is stop random people on the street who are carrying one of her pieces to tell them she’s the designer. When she was first starting out, she spotted a woman walking past her house early one morning with one of her bags. “I nodded at her and said: ‘That’s my bag!’ She looked at me and said: ‘No, it’s my bag!’”

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One of the key moments in that acceleration may have been the company’s 2008 opening of the Liquor Store, its first men’s-only shop built in an old spirits seller in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood. It introduced a formula that has served as a clever template for the six J. Crew men’s shops that followed (including a newly opened space in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle) and planned outposts in Los Angeles, Toronto and London.

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes! (by wendyslookbook)

Four Steps to Develop a Successful Mobile Strategy

Fashion and retails brands are rapidly realizing that they no longer have a choice but toshopping apps marketing ipad provide their consumer with a mobile experiences because more people access content and information via mobile devices than on PCs. According to research by Tealeaf on online buying behavior, consumers want their mobile shopping experiences to be as good or better than online shopping on a computer.


Sales Round Up

A quick sales round up:

  • Shipton & Heneage will take $30 off any order of $160 or more (use checkout code em1111b30) and $80 off any order of $500 or more (use checkout code em1111b80). Offer ends this Monday.
  • J Press’ Private Sale starts today and will last for two weeks. Receive up to 25% off with the promo code PSNOV11. 
  • Uniqlo’s sweaters are on sale. $79.90 for any of their cashmeres and $29.90 for any of their merinos. If you’re buying for a woman, cashmeres are $69.99 and merinos are $19.90. How it’s possible for women’s clothing to be cheaper than men’s, instead of the usual other way around, I don’t know. Shop either in-store or through Suddenlee. If you use Suddenlee, however, note that some items or colors are only listed on the UK site, but are available in US stores.

Also, if you haven’t already, sign up for our Inside Track. I do sales round ups like this every week through newsletter.

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The Ultimate Social Search: How To Drive Clicks and Retweets on Twitter | PR Couture: Fashion PR, Marketing & Social Media

Good article:

Before sharing a few best practices, I’ll let my colleague Chris Lightner (@clightner), VP Analytics at Edelman Digital, share a handful of retweetable SEO tips for Twitter:

Although Twitter allows for 140 characters, consider how re-tweetable your content is when writing your tweet and leave a little room for your Twitter handle. If someone re-tweets your content, will they have to edit out content in order to make their tweet fit within the 140 characters since the tweet now contains mention of your handle? More re-tweets lead to higher search rankings, so be considerate and let people re-tweet your content with ease.

 Consider what your Tweet leads in with (i.e. the first 20-30 characters) as this is what will show up in Google search results and could potentially make or break the decision for a visitor to click on the Tweet.  

People talk about how they search, so make sure you understand how others are tweeting/talking about a particular topic when writing your tweet. Are you using the right hashtags and keywords? If you were searching for content on the topic you’re tweeting about, how would you search for it in Google or Bing? Use similar long string quotes in your tweet so people find your content with consistent language for how they search.

@Macys, @cutblog and @glamourdotcom are prime examples of using relevant tags to insert their presence into the current conversations. Doing a quick search on Twitter will reveal how often a hashtag is used and its trending popularity. Just remember to change the default from top results to all results.

By using #nyfw, @cutblog is not only inserting their presence into the conversation on Twitter search, these popular event tags are many times aggregated and curated by widgets and microsites like Twitter’s #nyfw microsite sponsored by American Express.

@glamourdotcom also uses hashtags with two purposes: 1) optimize content for search 2) organize content similar to the print magazine.

Start leaving space in your tweets to allow people to easily retweet and check out Twitter search, trending topics and competitor tweets to discover (and then use) keywords to help drive more views to your tweets.

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Ignore Google at Your Peril

+1 could fundamentally change the way we use the web. Anti-trust and privacy issues notwithstanding (and not to be underestimated), +1’s effect on search results may change user behaviors we’ve been seeing for nearly a decade.  Transparently, users see that a friend has found a link valuable and are more likely to click on it; behind the scenes, Google may add this layer to the relevance of search results and shift the very content of search results.  Seismic shifts are possible.

Don’t bet against Google. While the track record from Google on new product introduction is spotty, when it counts they make it work.  They have deep pockets, a very real competitive threat to their search business in Facebook, and a gmail install base they can use to push the platform.  In effect, Google+ is a company-critical product like Android, not a “die in beta” product like Rooms.  (Do you even remember what that was?)

Having a second, strong social network will benefit advertisers. Having an 800 pound gorilla across the table when it comes time for advertisers to negotiate does not benefit anyone, except the 800 pound gorilla.  You will likely see brands flock to the upcoming release of brand pages and support the platform aggressively with dollars when they can.  It’s just good defense.

“Interest orientation” may make Google+ an ideal vehicle for thought leadership & social business. G+ groups people flexibly around topics that matter to them.  A new product feature allows you to share the name and composition of your circles, making it possible for circles to come together around functional areas, companies, passions, products and brands.  Facebook’s constructs, around friend lists and brand pages, aren’t quite this flexible.  Early attempts at this, like ning and yammer, were islands without the backing of a huge, well funded company.


A new photography exhibit will open for just a few short days- 10 November to 12 November- at MILK Gallery here in NYC, featuring iconic photographs of Marilyn Monroe. The show, “Picturing Marilyn” has been curated by Etheleen Staley of the Staley-Wise Gallery and includes 62 photographs.

The exhibition has been slated just a few weeks before the opening of the new Simon Curtis film “My Week With Marilyn” starring Michelle Williams, and has the support of the Weinstein Company which produced the film. Dior has also recreated the black dress Monroe wore in “The Last Sitting”, and it will be on view at the exhibit as well.

Looks like it’s time to send a little email over to my peeps at MILK! -RS (Images via WWD)